Please arrive five minutes before your lesson time!


Promptness is to your advantage as there is not time to make up for late arrivals.  When you arrive enter through the front door quietly without knocking.  It is very likely a lesson is in progress and I need your cooperation in this matter.

If you are the first student of the day, then please knock!!!  You may wait

in the breakfast room quietly until the lesson in progress is completed.


Parents are expected to keep children with them while waiting; private lessons are for students, not for siblings who are not students.

Missed Lessons

It is not customary for music teachers to make up scheduled lessons which are missed at no fault of the teacher.  Out of regard for my students, however, I do

try to make up lessons when time permits.  Generally, lessons missed without

the courtesy of prior notification (24 hours) forfeit the privilege of such consideration.  However, I do make up lessons due to a student’s illness.


Thirty days notification of discontinuation of lessons is

courteous and required in writing.