Students are expected to be prepared for their weekly lessons so that optimum progress can be made.  A grade will be given for every assignment at each lesson.  Students will NOT be rated on a comparison basis but

on what each is capable of doing.


For school-age students, parents are expected to work with the child in setting up a daily practice schedule.  A set time each day will help them remember to practice without constantly having to be reminded.  I have found that children are much happier in the long run with a routine practice time.  They learn to accept it & work better during that period.  It will also help insure that

you are getting your money’s worth out of the music lessons.


A routine of DAILY, careful, unhurried practice is the only way  to achieve positive results.  Do not be alarmed if you find it necessary to frequently remind your child to practice.  Remember to give them encouragement!!!

It is my desire that my teaching and your parental support

will form an effective team.