As I feel a student is prepared, the student will perform in my studio and/or elsewhere in recital.  This is an important part of a student’s training.

I plan student-only recitals and two student/guest recitals per calendar year. 

Festivals &Vocal Competitions

As a student matures in his/her ability, I will recommend him/her for audition.

You can be assured that this will occur when he/she is ready for this. I have entered many students during the past 27 years and every participant has been successful.  It is a great way to set goals and see a student accomplish them!

 Skills Day

Students have benefited from this experience as they move from one level of proficiency in music theory to the next level.  The exams are nationwide.

I anticipate this testing to take place in Feb/Mar each year.


September thru January is first semester. February  thru early June is second semester.  Summer lessons are pre-planned around family vacations.  Each

student will have a prescribed number of lessons during the summer.

I will work with each family to determine an appropriate schedule.